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Basic Self Defense Oct. 11

GRINNELL – Have you thought about how you would handle a situation where someone comes up behind you and grabs your purse in the parking lot or pulls your hair and throws you to the ground when you are pumping gas, or grabs your wrist when you are walking in the park? Would you know what to do and how to protect yourself and others with you? These are basic self-defense skills we hope we never have to use but they are skills you should know for your own protection and the protection of others with you.

Iowa Valley Continuing Education will be offering a three hour basic self-defense class on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 6 – 9 pm at Iowa Valley Grinnell. You will be instructed on the most effective and easy-to-learn methods to deter an attacker. The class is designed for women, men, and responsible teenagers accompanied by a parent and is customized to meet your needs and questions.

Past participants said, “I appreciated learning not just the techniques, but also why they are effective,” “Highly recommend this class to everyone…,” “…techniques are simple yet effective.” Decide not to be a victim now and enroll in the three hour Basic Self-Defense course.

Basic Self-Defense class will be offered on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 6 – 9 pm at Iowa Valley Grinnell, 123 6th Ave West, room 145 with a course number of 7400001-602. The registration deadline is Oct. 8 at noon so that preparations can be made to accommodate all students. Cost of the class is $39 per person. Teenager’s ages 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and both must register for the class.

The instructors have 42 years combined Martial Arts experience, 36 combined years in law enforcement, 19 years combined S.W.A.T. Team experience and 19 years of training Law Enforcement Officers in Defensive Tactics.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes with good lateral and linear support. Please bring water with you to drink. Online registration and payment can be completed at

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