COVID-19 Update

Check for updates regarding IVCCD’s responses to COVID-19.

At this time, our campuses are open to select students and employees only. Online classes are going smoothly; events remain canceled until further notice. A few IVCE courses will be held in May with small numbers of students in each class. Students can access our services and staff through email. The IVCE switchboard is accepting calls at 641-752-4645, but most staff are not yet working on campus at this time. Thank you for your continued understanding and support!

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Take your leadership to the next level

MARSHALLTOWN – Leadership distinguishes any organization, whether for good or for bad. To tip the scales toward better leadership, Iowa Valley Continuing Education is offering L.E.A.P., a Leadership Excellence Achievement Program series for business teams and leaders.

Led by renowned presenter Celina Peerman, participants can enroll in one or more of the four sessions, or register for the entire series.

“Session 1: HR for Non-HR Managers and Supervisors” will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 23, from noon to 4 pm. Human Resources is more than a department. When 60, 70 or 80% of our operating costs are people, human resource is everyone’s responsibility. This session will help everyday leaders understand the importance of the talent management process, legal requirements, and why their work is critical not only to keeping a qualified productive workforce but the overall risk management and performance of the organization, too.

“Session 2: Talent Management & Employee Growth Strategies” will be held Tuesday, Oct. 30, from 8 am to noon. Having the right people doing the right jobs doesn’t just happen. This session focuses on developing a comprehensive and strategic approach to talent management that includes workforce planning, pipeline development, acquisition and sourcing, onboarding and new employee orientation, employee learning and professional development, and succession planning.

“Session 3: Presentation Polish for Supervisors” will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, from 8 am to noon. There is no “unsend” option on the words you speak. This class helps supervisors learn to organize and communicate effectively in pre-shirt or team meetings as well as when sharing results and reporting to their managers. Topics include verbal skills, body language, and presentation style to get one’s message across effectively and in a professional manner. Learn how what you say and how you say it affects your ability to build relationships and get the most of out your people. (This class includes role playing and classroom practicing in front of the group to develop presentation skills in a fun, friendly setting.)

“Session 4: Recruiting and Retaining Employees” will be held Tuesday, Nov. 20, from noon to 4 pm. Starting with the end in mind fits for our staffing plans, too!  This session will focus on steps hiring managers can take to understand the position and person they seek to fill openings while understanding the balance of wanting the right fit for long term engagement and productivity. Discussion and activities will emphasize retention techniques that can be used day 1 to support employee success and ways to reduce employee turnover. Come and renew your energy for the hiring process, knowing that doing this well makes retention that much stronger!

Cost for the L.E.A.P. series is $679; individual sessions are $189 per person. To register, go to or call IVCE at 641-752-4645 or 800-284-4823.

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