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Intermediary Program

Iowa-Intermediary Iowa Valley’s Intermediary Program is a work-based learning program designed to help prepare students to be successful as they transition into the workforce by connecting them to local businesses to explore an assortment of fulfilling career options through work-based learning. Iowa Valley Intermediary Program partners with educators and businesses to create a positive and lasting impression on our future workforce by helping them attain the appropriate skills and knowledge of careers in their interest so they can be better prepared for life after high school and make better post-secondary decisions.

Learn more about the statewide Iowa Intermediary Network at www.IOWAIN.org.

For High School Students

  • Explore careers in-depth to see if your interests, skills & goals are a good fit
  • Learn about job opportunities in your area
  • Gain insight into the workforce while developing relationships with employers
  • Develop the ability to make well-informed decisions about careers & post-secondary education opportunities

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For Educators

  • Enable students to experience real-world applications and situations
  • Expand your knowledge about area businesses & industries
  • Network with businesses & other schools
  • Participate in the Educator Externship Program

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For Business Partners

  • Showcase your business while helping shape potential future employees
  • Address the skills gap & promote workplace readiness skills
  • Share workplace knowledge/expertise
  • Offer job shadow opportunities

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