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Check for updates regarding IVCCD’s responses to COVID-19.

At this time, our campuses are open to select students and employees only. Online classes are going smoothly; events remain canceled until further notice. A few IVCE courses will be held in May with small numbers of students in each class. Students can access our services and staff through email. The IVCE switchboard is accepting calls at 641-752-4645, but most staff are not yet working on campus at this time. Thank you for your continued understanding and support!

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IV Adventures – Challenge Course – Experience the Adventure

Sep 26
  • Sat / September 26, 2020
  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • IVCE IV Adventures Challenge Course (climbing tower located on the southeast side of the MCC/Iowa Valley campus at 3702 S. Center St. in Marshalltown)

An exhilarating challenge! The Alpine Tower stands 50 feet high with 20+ routes to the top. Strap on your gear and get set for the climb of your life! Our Alpine Tower presents a challenge for anyone who takes it on. Is a member of your group a little apprehensive? That’s all right; there’s a job for everyone. Some will belay, others will spot, but everyone who wants to climb will get the chance. Suitable for all ages. When you sign up for a climb, be prepared for the time of your life. During this four-hour experience, you’ll be introduced to equipment necessary for a safe climb, and under the direction of a skilled climber, you’ll master the basics of belaying. Don’t worry about safety; our staff is highly skilled in safety procedures and our equipment is inspected regularly. If the thrill of the tower leaves you wanting more, wait until you are buckled in to the giant swing. As you climb the ladder and are secured to a dangling cable, the other climbers are prepared to hoist you 45 feet in the air, where you will release a clasp and swing like you have never swung before. This is during Oktemberfest weekend, so come join the fun!

Course #2500001 (4383)
9/26  Sat 1 – 4 PM

Marshalltown, Iowa Valley Adventures Challenge Course (southeast corner of IVCE/MCC campus)

Instructor: Michael Anderson




  • $10