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IowaWORKS, Iowa Valley, 3405 S. Center Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158
Contact IowaWORKS, Iowa Valley, 641-754-1400, for workshop dates and times.

6 Steps to a Successful Career Transition

Re-Employment Services – (RES)/ Step 0: How to get a job in a tough economy. Comprehensive overview of the skills required to get and keep a job. Dig into labor market information, take an interest test and learn what IowaWORKS/Iowa Valley can do to assist you in your job searching. Develop a plan to get you from unemployed/under-employed to employed.

Step 1: Maintain a Positive Attitude During a Job Change or Career Transition – Implement strategies to maintain a positive perspective while managing dramatic changes, including the loss of a job.

Step 2: Designing your Future: Developing an Effective Career Transition Plan – See “Cultivating Your Uniqueness – Cash in on your Passion”

Step 3: Research Industry Trends – Find job and career opportunities in high demand and emerging industries and occupations

Step 4: Creating a Great Resume to Get the Job You Want! – Ensure that your resume gets noticed by employers.

Step 5: The Top 5 Most Effective Job Search Strategies! – Practice using the strategies that are most effective at locating job opportunities.

Step 6: Interviewing and Negotiating Tips to Land the Job – Effectively present you and your accomplishments so that you are the one selected

Business Etiquette/Customer Service

Explore ways to handle yourself in business and social environments. Learn how proper business etiquette and customer service can help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Destination: College

Feel like you’re trapped in a maze of confusion when it comes to starting college? Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change your personal destiny. Arm yourself with the information to successfully plan your future college training adventure. Determine if you are choosing the right direction and the right school at the right time.

 Digital Literacy I

Meet the computer, mouse, keyboard and some important keys – may setup email, work in the Iowa jobs website or other tasks participants want to work on.

Financial Fitness – Every Dollar has a Name

Learn how to find out where all your money went and how to begin to pay yourself first!

In this class we will look at recognizing “leaks” in your budget, how to repair them and how to create a budget that will work for you!

Job Search Boot Camp

Learn the strategies to stand out as an exceptional employee and make every employer want to hire YOU. Commit to your SUCCESS and get HIRED today!

National Career Readiness Certificate – (NCRC)

Obtain a nationally/state recognized applied skills certificate based on three assessments: Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics.

Poets – Providing Opportunities for Ex-Offenders to Succeed

Getting prepared to job search: skills assessment   job application processes, resumes, cover letters, follow up/thank you notes. Interviewing: answering difficult questions. Learning job retention and success skills. Dealing with background checks.

Social Media – Face-Snap-Inst- Twit

Social networking through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and  Snapchat is changing the way customers, employees, employers, and businesses interact. The way you conduct yourself through your social media accounts is a direct reflection of you. What you think might be harmless could prevent you from landing the job you desire. Learn the Do’s, Don’ts, and unknown possibilities and limitations about using social media

Workplace Excellence (arranged with employers)

An interactive workshop to aid in the understanding of what employers “REALLY” want.  The workshop stresses team building and communication skills to increase productivity and to retain a high-quality workforce. Help your employees with the skills that maximize their contribution and success on the job.