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Job Seeker Services

Career Guidance

Labor Market Information: Access to statistics on employment trends by area, wage comparisons and skill requirements for jobs

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC): The NCRC is a nationally recognized work skills certification designed and maintained by ACT, Inc. the certificate proves you have the workplace skills needed to succeed at your new job.

Employment center: Meet with employment specialists for skills assessment, career counseling, resume writing or job search assistance. This includes typing, resume critiquing, computer program tutorials and testing programs.

Self-Employment Consulting/Training: Individuals interested in pursuing self-employment are offered guidance and assistance identifying funding sources.

Unemployment Insurance: Assistance with your unemployment claim by appointment.

Veteran Services: IowaWORKS and the U.S. Department of Labor/Veterans Employment and Training partner under United States Code Title 38, Chapter 41 to provide employment and referral services to eligible veterans and other eligible persons. Veterans are eligible for priority of service in all U.S. Department of Labor funded employment and training programs.

Business Services

Assessment/Testing Services: Businesses with specific requirements can receive assessments.

Application Process: Many companies choose to have applications pick up/complete applications in a local IowaWORKS office. We screen the applications for completeness and forward them to the employer. On-site recruiting, assistance with interview scheduling, space for job fairs and interviewing are also offered to businesses at no cost.

Interpretation Services: Spanish/English interpretation (if needed or requested). Specially designed site geared to employers’ needs. Posting a job, reviewing dos and don’ts when interviewing, researching wage information, downloading tax forms, or accessing a workforce representative by e-mail can be achieved easily.

Job Listings/Recruiting: We can develop and post openings at no cost on our website, We send referrals to qualified candidates seeking the type of work you are advertising. Jobs from businesses are e-posted on web sites, providing job seekers with computer access opportunity to view open positions 24/7.