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Frequently Asked Questions


My child doesn’t meet the grade requirement but is very mature. Can I sign her up for one of your camps?
Unfortunately, we will not allow younger students to enroll in our camps.

Are there any special requirements to sign up for these camps?
Other than the minimum age requirements specified for each camp, all students are welcome to enroll.

The camp my child wants is full, can you squeeze in just one more?
Unfortunately, if the camp is full, we cannot take any more students. Please add your child to the camp waiting list and you will be notified if a spot becomes available.

Is there a chance that the camp might be canceled?
All camps have a minimum number of students required. If the minimum is not met, you will be notified and will receive a full refund.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to sign up for a certain camp until the last minute. Can we sign up at the door?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept walk-ins. The last date to register is a week before the camp’s start date. We ask that a parent or guardian accompany the child to camp on the first day to be sure all paperwork has been completed. To check a camp’s status, please call 641-752-4645. Registration, including fees, must be paid either online or over the phone.  If we have additional waivers for the parent to sign, those will be sent to the parent’s email address used for registration.

Can I sit in on the camp with my child?
Adults will not be allowed to stay at the camp with students. If there are special circumstances, please contact the Camp Director, Julie Thomas and we will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis.

What if we need to drop out of a camp?
Refunds will be issued to learners who withdraw from camp at least one business day prior to the camp start date. No credit will be issued for camps dropped on or after the camp start date. To withdraw your registration, please call 641-752-4645 or Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (BCS) Office.

I have a few questions about the camp I registered for. Do we need to bring anything? Where is it? I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions.
All information will be sent in the confirmation email prior to camp starting.  All camps will be at the Iowa Valley Conference Center location unless noted otherwise (3702 S Center Street, Marshalltown).  Contact 641-752-4645 with additional questions.

Does my child need to bring lunch?

A snack and a beverage will be provided, but they won’t be enough to sustain throughout the day. You should pack a lunch for your child. Please be mindful of peanut allergies.

What about permission forms and emergency contact information? Will I need to fill anything out?
During registration, a medical waiver and photo release must be completed. If the class your child is registered for needs additional waivers, we will send that information to you via email. We will also have hard copies available on the first day of camp.

Could I get some information on your camp faculty and staff?
Many of our camp instructors have teaching experience or have expressed a desire to teach for our Kids in College camp.  Our camp staff has varying levels of experience and each must pass a background check through our HR department.  Many just enjoy sharing their time and talents with area students.

How will you handle medical emergencies?
We ask for medical information upon registration and the best way to contact a parent in case of an emergency.  We will reach out if necessary.  Many of our instructors are CPR and First Aid certified.

My child’s camp is over at 3:00 p.m. and I have to work until 4 p.m. Can he just stay at the college until I can pick him up?
For liability reasons, students will need to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the camp has ended. Students can be dropped off 15 minutes prior to the start of camp.

How will I hear about changes?

We will communicate via email, so make sure you have a valid email address on file when you register!

What are the Kids in College COVID-19 protocols?
We are using social distancing and other health protocols to help ensure the safety of every camper, teacher, and staff member. Protocols include but are not limited to:

  • Students will be encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene.
  • If your child has a fever and/or is not feeling well, please keep them home.