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Discover the secrets of your quilt

MARSHALLTOWN – Have you ever wondered where your favorite quilt came from, how old it is or how it was made? “Let’s Talk About Your Quilt” offered by Iowa Valley Continuing Education is a very popular class that both individuals and families enjoy attending.

Bring in any quilt in any condition and learn about it. The old quilt that has been in the closet, the quilt that covers supplies in the barn, the old quilt you keep in the car, any of these quilts have a story to tell. Professional Quilt Appraiser Charleen Richtsmeier will enjoy looking at and talking about your quilt with you as she unlocks the quilt’s past history with you. She may be able to offer clues about its age, fabrics that were used in its construction, the names of the blocks or the setting of the design, the techniques that were used to assemble and quilt it, and general historical information about the era in which it was made. You and your family will learn a wealth of knowledge about your quilt that can fill in holes about the life of the quilt. Charleen shares her passion for and knowledge about quilts at the free class “Let’s Talk About Your Quilt.”

Charleen will also be able to offer valuable information about the handling and care of quilts, and how, when and why written quilt appraisals are important.  Participants may come and go as their schedules permit, or plan to spend the whole time absorbing as much information and looking at as many quilts as possible.  Each participant is asked to bring at least one quilt. Anyone wishing to have a written appraisal of their quilt may contact Charleen to set up an appointment in advance (641- 847- 2879).  Written appraisals are legal documents and the fee is $40 each.

Evaluations from past class participants have said, “Wonderful to learn about quilt fabric and dating of quilts, knowledgeable, intriguing, generous, great sharing and wonderful information.” Charleen has been studying the history of quilts, fabrics, colors, patterns, methods of construction and more. You will be amazed at what she can tell you about your quilt by looking at it with you.

“Let’s Talk About Your Quilt” will be offered on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 from 2:00-7:00 pm at Iowa Valley Continuing Education, 3702 S Center St., room 608. There is no charge to attend, but you are asked to enroll online at or call 641-752-4645 for course FUN 2003.15 so we can arrange adequate space for everyone attending.

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