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Adult High School Graduation held at IVCE

High School Equivalency Diploma Dec. 2017 Graduation

December 2017 graduates Susan Miller and Shyanna Hayward.

MARSHALLTOWN – Three adult high school graduates were recognized at the adult high school equivalency graduation ceremony at the IVCCD Orpheum Theater on Dec. 19. The graduates received letters of congratulations presented by Jon Nunez, Iowa Valley’s Director of Adult Literacy Programs, and a short commentary was read by instructor Kathy Siebring regarding each graduate’s future plans.

Orpheum Theatre Center Director Bob Untiedt spoke to the graduates. His three main points to the graduates and their families included:

  • Students should be contemplative, not quick about important decisions.
  • Living well means that you are fully engaged in your work and you like the people around you, too. Sometimes you have to take a ‘taxicab’ job, to pay the bills (a ‘taxicab’ job is one that eventually gets you to the better job). While on the job (taxicab or otherwise) be nice to others, be as grateful as you can be, and do good work.
  • You have only one “wild and precious life.” You have to find work that uses your best skills and knowledge and abilities.

Each graduate received a certificate symbolizing her dedication to lifelong learning. IVCCD Chancellor Dr. Chris Duree concluded the ceremony by giving the charge to the HSED class of 2017.

Each year, Iowa Valley Continuing Education (IVCE) presents a Director’s Scholarship award to the student who achieved the highest score on the high school equivalency test. The December graduating class Valedictorian was Susan Miller.

Twenty-one IVCE students have earned their high school equivalency diploma since June 2017. For information about high school equivalency diploma classes offered through Iowa Valley Continuing Education, call 641-754-1348. Classes are offered in Grinnell, Iowa Falls, Marshalltown, and Tama.

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