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The making of an Edventure

Rachael KoehlerBy Rachael Koehler

Edventure, Iowa Valley Continuing Education’s course schedule, contains course offerings that enhance career development and deepen personal enrichment. Our mission is to provide courses that increase your skills and knowledge to boost job productivity and career potential or fulfill personal desires.

As an IVCE Program Developer, I look for courses that are timely, relevant, and compelling for our communities. Our goal is to break down barriers to make education possible for all types of learners. We take pride in offering unique opportunities for those who may not fit the mold of a traditional full-time, on-campus student. Whether you are an innovator, professional, career changer, dreamer, or curious person – we are here for you.

Edventure is packed with information to make your continuing education experience easier. It includes details about course offerings, schedules, descriptions, and financial assistance information. Edventure is available in print, and it’s mailed to your home bi-annually; the publication is also available on our website to be viewed at any time with easy online registration! Those interested in professional and personal development can use the publication to plan schedules for the upcoming term.

In determining the feasibility of a continuing education course, we first research whether we can offer the program. The next step is to determine whether the program content is career-focused or serves independent or commercial interests. The program must then be given an offering date that is within the submission timeframe for Edventure, and will allow adequate marketing for the greatest enrollment opportunity. After that, Program Coordinators complete the process of administrating the course.

We continuously seek subject matter experts who can demonstrate their expertise through experience, education, or both. If you have a passion for sharing your talents and excellent communication skills, we may have a place for you!

With many opportunities presenting themselves online, IVCE relies on members of our communities to share their interests for continuing education and register for courses. So if your inquisitive mind is wondering “What goes into making Edventure?” … the answer is YOU!

We are currently developing courses for Aug. 1, 2019 – Feb. 1, 2020.

You can obtain an Edventure class schedule and plan your next steps at You can also sign up to receive our newsletter for updates throughout the year; text IVCE to 22828 to get started.

Here’s a preview of our NEW upcoming course offerings: Shop Small Bus Crawl, Advanced Safety Certificate Program, Excel, QuickBooks, Leading Customer Service, Ignite Wellness – Building Resiliency for Youth, Instant Pot 101, Learning and Trying New Things – Making a Bucket List, Animation Certification, Small Engine Repair, Revival Thru Life’s Storms , Mom-n-Me Cake-n-Take, 15+ Freezer Meals … and more!

Rachael Koehler is the Program Developer for Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

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