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Social Security, Estate Planning & Retirement courses

Iowa Valley Continuing Education is offering several programs for those wanting to plan ahead financially and make the most of their monetary resources. The upcoming classes are Maximizing Your Social Security on Feb. 24, Estate Planning for Young Families on Feb. 27, Retiring Soon? on Mar. 5, and Estate Planning for Empty Nesters on Mar. 19.

Maximizing Your Social Security” will be offered three times: Feb. 24 (course #5043), April 27 (course #5044) and June 22 (course #5045), all Mondays, from 6:30 to 8:10 pm. Instructor Leon Hiracheta says Baby Boomers thinking about retiring and/or when to collect Social Security will benefit from this overview. “Join us as we explore one of the most misunderstood topics that may have the greatest effect on how you enjoy your retirement,” says Hiracheta. “You’ve paid into the Social Security system your entire working life, so now that you’re thinking about retirement you owe it to yourself and your spouse to do everything you can to get the maximum benefit to which you are entitled.” Everyone who attends will receive a free customized Social Security Maximization Report based on lifetime earnings history. Participants will also learn how to open a Social Security account and check benefits statement for accuracy. Cost is $25 per person or $40 per couple for this class.

Estate Planning for Young Families” (course #4110) will be held on Thursday, Feb. 27, from 5 to 6:30 pm. This course will help answer such questions as Do I need a will? Who will be the legal guardian for my children if I die? Do I need to set up a trust for my kids? How much life insurance is enough to ensure my family’s security? How should I start saving for emergencies, a house, or retirement? Are online documents OK? Young families needing answers to these and other important questions are encouraged to attend. Due to the sensitivity of some of the topics, children should not be present for this course. Cost of this class is $30 per person or $40 for a couple.

Retiring Soon? – An Alternate View” (course #4111) will be held on Thursday, March 5, from 6 to 8 pm. Thinking of retiring in the next few years but are confused by all the advice? This program will offer a realistic discussion about when to take Social Security, Medicare and supplemental insurance, Roth and Traditional IRA distributions, continuing to work, and the income tax consequences of each. Participants will hear examples, review numbers, and receive suggestions not offered by the popular media and traditional advisors. This program is not a sales pitch; time will be made during class for questions. Cost of this class is $30 per person or $40 for a couple.

Estate Planning for Empty Nesters” (course #4109) will be held on Thursday, March 19, from 6 to 8:30 pm. Often thousands of dollars in taxes and fees can be avoided by good planning. This program will provide information to help participants work more effectively with professional and legal advisors. Topics will include property ownership, wills, federal and Iowa inheritance taxes, gifting, nursing home insurance and planning, trusts, and gift taxes. This program will be beneficial to everyone, including farmers. The instructor is a lawyer who has been dealing with these issues for 35 years. Cost of this class is $30 per person or $40 for a couple.

All of these courses will be held in the Iowa Valley Continuing Education Conference Center at 3702 S. Center St., Marshalltown. The “Retiring Soon?” class will meet in room 612, and all others will meet in room 608.

Registrations can be completed online at or by calling 641-752-4645.

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