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Spring Faythe Kubik Dance classes begin soon

The registration deadlines are coming up soon for Faythe Kubik’s upcoming “Gotta Dance” programs offered through Iowa Valley Continuing Education. There are two two-week workshops March 15 & 22 and April 19 & 26, then the other spring classes run March 22 through April 26. All classes meet on Sundays at the Iowa Valley Continuing Education Center in Marshalltown.

“As my past and current students will tell you, the fun really starts when you learn to dance for weddings, parties, and all social events!” says Kubik, a longtime and highly popular dance instructor. Her classes cover nightclub, ballroom, country, Latin, swing, salsa, line, pop and all other social dances for beginners or advanced dancers. Kubik is known for breaking dances down so they’re easy to learn, and she gives students time to learn so they can look good and feel comfortable dancing to all styles of music.

Chili Cha-Cha Two-Week Workshop (course ID #5128) meets Mar. 15 & 22 from 12:15 to 1:25 pm. This line dance is a terrific Cha-Cha and lots of fun. No partner is needed. Cost is $32/person.

Party Swing, Beginning (course ID #5132) meets Mar. 22 through Apr. 26 on Sundays from 1:30 to 2:40 pm. Swing is such a fun dance with many styles, timings, and rhythms – all are great. The Swing you’ll be learning has lots of turns and twirls with a minimum amount of footwork … Faythe calls it the “Party Swing.” By minimizing the footwork, you can quickly get into the twirls you’ve seen and want to learn – fun and impressive! No class on Apr. 12. Cost is $68/person.

Wonderful Rock Sway, Beginning (course ID #5116) meets Mar. 22 through Apr. 26 from 2:45 to 3:50 pm. Rock Sway is perfect for slow romantic songs and it’s perfect for upbeat tunes that have a slow beat. You’ll be moving, twirling, and swaying. This material makes you look and feel good fast! It’s a MUST for all social events, especially weddings! No class on Apr. 12. Cost is $68/person.

West Coast Swing Part 3 (course ID #5127) meets Mar. 22 through Apr. 26 from 4 to 5:10 pm. There will be more fun and flair as we continue to add variations and style to this fancy Swing! No class Apr. 12. Cost is $68/person.

Bachata  Part 2 (course ID #5130) meets Mar. 22 through Apr. 26 from 5:15 to 6:25 pm. This dance pattern reinvents itself. The basic pattern is the original two-step. Faythe calls it a “super dance” because it can be danced to so many styles of music, and it looks like a different dance with each style. The main pattern is easy and goes with everything. Faythe will start with a review of this dance and then give participants more fun variations. If you’ve taken Salsa from Faythe, this would be a great class as students learn some Bachata basics when they did Salsa. No class Apr. 12. Cost is $68/person.

Fun Line Dancing Two-Week Workshop (course ID #5126) meets Apr. 19 & 26 from 6:30 to 7:40 pm. Line dancing is for everyone. It’s popular, fun, and great exercise! No partner is needed. You’ll be learning “The Electric Slide,”  “Cupid Shuffle,” “Cha Cha Slide,” Wobble, and more if we have time. Great opportunity to learn these fun line dances! Cost is $32/person.

In case of bad weather, call Faythe at 319-232-7594 to get messages (she travels from Waterloo to Marshalltown). Students should bring and change into a clean pair of shoes
for dancing; this saves the floor.

Registration for the fall dance classes can be completed online at All classes meet at the Iowa Valley Continuing Education Conference Center (Dejardin Hall, room 808) at 3702 S. Center St. in Marshalltown. Questions can be directed to Faythe Kubik at 319-232-7594.

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