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Education and Training Center Receives Support of 100 Women Who Care

The Iowa Valley Education and Training Center received a huge financial boost of $12,900 from the 100 Women Who Care group in Marshalltown.

The Iowa Valley Educational and Training Center, located in Marshalltown, oversees the High School Equivalency, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Citizenship classes as part of their Integrated Education and Training programs. Nearly 500 students attend classes throughout the year to improve their English and basic skills, obtain their High School Equivalency Diplomas (HSED, formerly GED), prepare for the US citizenship exam, or obtain other training credentials. Students’ educational goals vary but all students are able to better their lives and the lives of their families by getting a job, being promoted, continuing their higher education, assisting their children with school work, or becoming an American citizen.

Basic tuition is $20 per term, plus additional fees for books and other materials, which can be a struggle for many of these high-need students to pay. In addition to the programs offered at the ETC, Iowa Valley is developing new programs that will focus on healthcare and manufacturing training to address the local workforce need. In order to successfully take part in these training programs, a high school diploma, English language skills and citizenship are strongly encouraged, making the programs offered by the ETC a crucial part of overall education and training.

“100 Women Who Care is delighted to support the Iowa Valley Education and Training Center in improving the lives of Central Iowans,” remarked Janet Collison.  “We are thrilled to report that since inception, 100 Women Who Care has given more than $400,000 to Marshall County charities and worthy projects!”

The 100 Women Who Care group started in Marshalltown in 2012, and supports charities or worthy causes that benefit Marshall County. They meet three times a year. At each meeting, members can suggest a project they would like the membership to support. Three names are drawn and the selected member presents their project. The membership votes and members each write a $100 check to the winning project.

“We are so grateful for the support of 100 Women Who Care,” said Chancellor Kristie Fisher. “We will be able to serve even more people in the community and enable them to better their personal and financial situations through the programs offered by the Education and Training Center. This generous donation will help us reach and serve the most vulnerable people in our community.”

Membership to 100 Women Who Care is open to all women. Learn more about the group and the causes they support by visiting their Facebook page, or by contacting Janet Collison.

The Education and Training Center is a division of Iowa Valley Continuing Education and is located at 206 E. Church Street in Marshalltown, with additional training centers in Poweshiek, Tama and Hardin counties. For information on classes and programs, review the website at, or contact Patty Mendoza.

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