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What You Can Expect

  • Regular communication with your work-based learning coordinator regarding the ongoing progress of your event.
  • You will receive final confirmation at least a week before the event, including contact information for the speaker/tour host.
  • Worksite tours are typically able to accommodate 10-25 students where they are able to learn first-hand the variety of careers available in a community or industry.
  • Interactive speakers are designed to help students learn about what it takes to succeed in the workplace from an area professional. The time frame depends on the teacher's needs.

What We Need From You

  • Prepare students for listening and learning. We will provide general information about the company and a bio about the speaker.
  • Make sure students have questions prepared for the speaker.
  • Make sure your school is prepared for the event - rooms available with needed AV or other equipment as well as all school personnel are aware and welcoming of guests in the building that day. It is our goal to be present at as many events as possible.
  • Complete an evaluation with your students after the event. This helps us keep track of program quality.
  • Send a thank you letter to the business host or speaker after the event.

Student Guidelines for Worksite Tours