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Iowa Valley Intermediary Program


Local Hardin County sophomores participated in the 1st annual Financial Literacy Fair held on March 3 on the ECC campus. Students visited with financial advisors from area banks to discuss their personal budgets. Schools that attended included Iowa Falls-Alden, AGWSR and South Hardin.

Connecting Students to Careers!

How do we best meet the needs of our youth as they make the transition into the adult world? For young people to succeed in life, they need to develop competence, confidence, and connections to real-world at critical points during their educational, career, and personal development. Our schools cannot do this alone, or workforce preparation organizations – they need partners. For this reason, over the past decade collaborative structures called Intermediaries have emerged, designed to bring together a range of local resources to promote young people’s self-confidence about their abilities, increase their connections to adults and opportunities, and foster the personal, academic, and work-related competencies they need to succeed.

What is Iowa Valley Intermediary Program?

Iowa Valley Intermediary Program is a new work-based learning program designed to help prepare students to be successful as they transition into the workforce by connecting them to local businesses to explore an assortment of fulfilling career options through work-based learning. Iowa Valley Intermediary Program partners with educators and businesses to help create a positive and lasting impression on our future workforce by helping them attain the appropriate skills and knowledge of careers in their interest so they can be better prepared for life after high school and make better post-secondary decisions.

What we can do for you?

  • Job Shadows
  • Career Exploration Events
  • Classroom Speakers
  • Worksite Tours
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Planning and Assistance

Benefits for Employers

By participating, employers will be able to showcase and promote their business while helping build and shape potential employees in the future.

Benefits for Educators

Students and teachers will have access to hands on way to explore careers and opportunities in a method that cannot be recreated in the classroom.

Benefits for Students

Students will have access to hands on career experience and attain employability skills while becoming more aware of the various career opportunities, education requirements, and desired skills of employers.

  • Explore a career in depth to see if your interests, skills, and goals match a particular career
  • Discover the various job opportunities in your area
  • Gain insight into the workforce by developing and sustaining relationships with employers
  • Ability to make well informed decisions about post-secondary education and careers.

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