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Kids in College – Course Descriptions

Not sure which session to sign up for? Check out these course descriptions for class information:

Choose a Session (Or Two… Or Three!)

Storytelling 101 – Do you love to read? Do you dream of writing your own novel? Do you spend your summers writing short stories and thinking of ways to spin a great tale? Join us for this session – learn to construct a story that others will want to read. CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Celebrating You! – We all have things in common with other people and we all have our own set of unique strengths and interests. It is important to be kind to yourself since you spend so much time with yourself. This session is to think about and celebrate all the cool things that make you, you! CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Where Does Pizza Come From? – Do you know where the pepperoni in your pizza comes from? What about the cheese? During “Where does PIZZA come from” we will explore popular pizza ingredients and learn how those ingredients get to our pizza! Yes, there will probably be some pizza making (and eating!) Tuesday, June 14 – Register Here
“Alohomora” Into the Wizarding World: Happy Potter – You’re a wizard! Embark on a magical journey as you dive into life at Hogwarts including the sorting hat, wand making, learning various spells, and mastering one of Professor Snape’s potions. The fun-packed day will include trivia and movie snippets. You will not want to miss this magical experience! Friday, July 15 – Register Here

Friday, August 12 – Register Here

Knights of the Roundtable – Learn about Knights, steps to Knighthood, parts of the Knight’s armor, and the Knight’s Code of Chivalry relating to the modern-day. This class will be hands-on including demonstrations and fun interactive activities. Build shields, swords, castles, and more. Wednesday, July 13 – Register Here
Let’s Get Cricuting – Students will use their imagination and create their own designs! Together, we’ll use a Cricut Maker and the Cricut Heat Press to make custom projects. You will learn how to use the Cricut Design Space, cut and apply all kinds of vinyl, and safely operate the Cricut Maker and Heat Press. Friday, June 17 – Register Here

Tuesday, August 2 – Register Here

Art You Can Sink Your Teeth Into – Have you ever thought about the art behind decorated cookies? Maybe you have always wanted to do chocolate painting? Now is your chance to try art you can eat! Join us for fun making edible artistic creations! Thursday, June 23 – Register Here
Experience Thailand – Have you ever heard of “Pad Thai,” “The Land of Smiles,” or “Siamese Cats”? Explore Thailand with help from a native. Students will learn about the culture, the climate, delicious treats, and the land that is Thailand. CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Print Making – Do you know the difference between mono-printmaking, found object printing, and styrofoam object printing? Explore each of these in a fun and interactive print-making class! Wednesday, July 13 – Register Here
Fun in the Sun – Do you know how to play bags? Have you ever sumo-wrestled, or played Frisbee golf? Learn how to play the most fun yard games in this outdoor session! Monday, June 20 – Register Here
Geocaching Around Town – Hidden Treasures Await… and are hidden in plain sight. Learn to Geocache and open your eyes to the amazing treasures that can be found almost anywhere! CLASS FULL – NOT ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS
Tie-Dye Art:  Using just three primary colors and rubber bands, you can create tie-dyed patterns on t-shirts and other cloth items that are uniquely your own creations.  You will need to provide a white cotton t-shirt (s) that you will use to tie-dye your design (s).
The Zen of Mindfulness: Have fun learning strategies of mindfulness. Mindfulness can help develop positive social-emotional skills and strengthen your well-being or brain health. Students will practice mindfulness strategies with nature walks/forest bathing, rock painting, and creating calming tools. Wednesday, June 15 – Register Here
The Flashy Fashionista – Create your own look when you design your own earrings with beads, macrame, and clay. You will have a custom look that no one else can duplicate when you learn jewelry making with this fun class! CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
The History of Sports – Have you ever wondered how sports like basketball, soccer, bowling, football, or golf came to be? Do you love playing those sports? Who invented them, and why? Join us for this class as we seek not only to learn about them but truly experience them. You will study, play, and even create various aspects of sports. Tuesday, July 19 – Register Here
EXPLORE The History of Marshall County – As someone who has spent most of my life in the area, I love our county. By taking this course, you will gain a hands-on and visual appreciation of how our community came to be. You will leave with a similar sense of pride by studying Marshall county legends and how they have impacted the world of film, sports, medicine, military, politics, and entertainment. Wednesday, June 29 – Register Now

Friday, July 22 – Register Now

Invent STEMIn partnership with the Marshall County Iowa State Extension Office: Engage in the innovation process and help solve real-world problems at the Invent STEM day camp! We will conduct research experiments by sketching, designing, and testing theories and ideas, practice critical thinking, collect data from our experiments and share our results. Thursday, June 23 – Register Today
Babysitting Basics – In partnership with the Marshall County Iowa State Extension Office: Learn what it takes to be a responsible, caring, trustworthy, competent, capable, and safe babysitter. We will cover a variety of topics including child development, age-appropriate activities, food and toys, safety and basic first aid, caring for infants and toddlers, parent expectations, and how to create and market your own babysitting business! CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT
Indiana Jones, Jr. – Over 5,000 years ago, Egypt became a state that unified many cities and towns along the Nile River. Since then, ancient Egypt’s powerful pharaohs, phenomenal pyramids, and extraordinary art have captivated people’s imaginations all over the world. Thursday, July 21 – Register Today
CSI Marshalltown – You’ve seen it on TV, now see if for yourself: A team of forensics investigators uses cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes. Monday, July 25 – Register Today 
Just Horsing Around – Did you ever wonder what it would be like to play games with a horse? In this class, students will be working with horses at the Wolfe Ranch learning how to actively play with a horse in a controlled setting. Participants must wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals allowed) and long pants are recommended. Additional equine waivers must be completed by a parent or guardian.  This information will be sent by email after registration. Tuesday, June 28 – Register Today
Hoofprints and Footprints – How fun would it be to paint using a horse hoof?  What if you could turn your foot into a hoof?  Please join Sydney York, Wolfe Ranch Manager, on an artistic journey.  Campers learn about the parts of a horse, go on scavenger hunts and get to ride the horses.  Participants must wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals allowed) and long pants are recommended. Additional equine waivers must be completed by a parent or guardian.  This information will be sent by email after registration. Tuesday, July 12 – Register Today
Boots & Spurs – We’re not just horsing around! We have a camp designed to teach basic horsemanship, and a few more advanced skills. The kids will come home after a full day of roping and riding! Beginners welcome!  Participants must wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals allowed) and long pants are recommended. Additional equine waivers must be completed by a parent or guardian.  This information will be sent by email after registration. Tuesday, August 9 – Register Today

Each camp session just lasts one day, so don’t miss out – register now to get in on the fun! Each day-long session costs $50 and will include snacks throughout the day. Students will need to bring a sack lunch.

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