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Safety & Industry

HAZMAT Training

For more information about Iowa Valley Continuing Education safety and industrial training contact the Iowa Valley Business Resources Team at 800-284-4823.

Iowa Valley Continuing Education’s Business Resources team is ready to provide the safety and industrial training you need. We can customize training that will keep your employees safe and up-to-date in safety and industrial training needs. Trainings offered include:  OSHA for General Industry and Construction (10-Hour and 30-Hour), HAZWHOPER, CPR and First Aid, Forklift Operator, Lead Abatement, Mine Safety (MSHA), Lockout/Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogens, PPE, Respiratory Measures, Workplace Violence, Ergonomics, Confined Spaces, Noise Analysis, CDL A training and licensing, Hazmat, National Electric Code and Electrical CEUs, and Train-the-Trainer. Our trainers can customize a New Employee Safety DVD and write Safety Guidelines specific to your company.

We offer hybrid safety training for emergency personnel, towing and wrecking and salvage yards. OSHA 10-Hour General Industry is offered on-site training for your entire staff.

OSHA Training 10- and 30-Hour

Programs intended to provide instruction on a variety of safety and health related topics including common violations, inspections, citations and penalties, walking and working surfaces, means of egress and fire protection, hazardous materials, material handling, electrical safety, machine guarding, and a variety of other safety related subjects. Participants review the Code of Federal Regulations (29CFR 1910) and an explanation of its application. These courses are taught by an OSHA-Authorized instructor. Participants will receive a card from OSHA certifying completion of the course.

On-Site Safety Consultation in: Back Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Electrical Safety, Fire Control, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Hand and Power Tool Safety, Hazard Communication,  Lockout/Tagout, Machine Guarding, Personal Protective Equipment, Forklift Training, Occupational Ergonomics.

CPR/First Aid Training

American Heart Association course is the standard for CPR and first aid training. This straightforward, yet comprehensive, course provides you with the skills and confidence to respond to medical emergencies at home, in public or at work. This course is for people with limited or no medical training.

Mine Safety

Mine Safety training is provided throughout the year for companies and employees who must have refresher training, as well as other training opportunities required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education at 641-752-4645, 800-284-4823. Additional MSHA mine safety training information is available upon request.

Lead Safety

Iowa Lead Safety Website

Contractors who work on pre-1978 housing need to be educated in the dangers of lead-based paint and on how to safely remove it.  The Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Iowa require renovators and remodelers to be certified in lead-safe work practices by 2010. Lead Safety training is provided throughout the year for companies, employees, and individuals who work on pre-1978 housing including contractors, realtors, and landlords. For more information contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education at 641-752-4645 or 1-800-284-4823. To see a full listing of occupations requiring this training, visit Iowa Lead Safety contractor resource website.

National Electric Code

Iowa Department of Public Safety – Continuing Education Electrical Licensing & Inspection Program

National Electric Code courses are provided throughout the year for companies and employees who are required to meet state guidelines requiring no less than 18 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) every three years, with at least 6 credits being National Electric Code Updates.  For more information contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education at 641-752-4645 or 1-800-284-4823.

School Transportation Operator Program (S.T.O.P.)

IVCE offers the 12-hour initial training for School Bus Drivers and the 3-hour annual refresher School Bus Driver Training Course.

Plumbing & Mechanical CEU Courses

Plumbing & Mechanical license holders have their hands full, just waking up every day. Iowa Valley Continuing Education can assist you gaining the CEU courses you need to maintain your licenses. You are the experts actively working in the field. We are the experts in helping you keep your Plumbing & Mechanical licenses. We will do what we do best, keeping you up to date with the latest techniques, processes and codes that deal with your plumbing & mechanical CEUs. Contact us today for upcoming courses. For more information, contact Iowa Valley Continuing Education at 641-752-4645 or 1-800-284-4823.

Lean Operations

As a business owner or manager, you know other businesses talk about productivity improvements of 10% to 30%, up to a 90% reduction of work in process (WIP), a 50% increase in space utilization, 85% increase in quality and up to a 90% reduction in lead times. These are all benefits gained from implementing Lean Operations. Sounds good, but where do you go for help? Iowa Valley Business Resources has assembled a group of Lean Operations experts to assist businesses in improving quality, reducing costs, and achieving greater productivity and higher profits. For more information on Lean offerings check out, Lean Operations.

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