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Lean Operations

Lean operation is a systematic approach to eliminating waste and producing what your customers want when they want it with as few resources as possible. A lean approach involves transforming the culture of your company placing new demands on managers and executives. They must be less autocratic, and foster a new culture of teamwork, empowerment and constant improvement.

Components of Lean Operations:

  • Lean 101
  • Cell Flow and Cell Design
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Set-Up Reduction
  • Visual Factory and 5-S
  • Six Sigma Overview and/or Exam Prep
  • Lean Strategies for Managers

About the Trainers:

• Don Benbow has presented basic lean manufacturing courses to dozens of companies over the last fifteen years. He has taught mathematics, statistics and freshmen engineering courses at Marshalltown Community College for 33 years. Don is co-author of three books: Certified Quality Engineering Handbook, Certified Quality Technician Handbook and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook.

• Gerry Turner was employed in the industrial pressure gage/thermometer industry for 19 years. There he worked as a draftsman, supervisor of Bills of Materials/Documentation and corporate quality assurance manager. He taught for 16 years in the Design/Drafting degree program for Marshalltown Community College. The last five years he has been teaching business and industry courses such as Lean Manufacturing, Blue Print Reading, and Measuring Tools for Iowa Valley Continuing Education.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.
~ Peter F. Drucker

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