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Check for updates regarding IVCCD’s responses to COVID-19.

At this time, our campuses are open to select students and employees only. Online classes are going smoothly; events remain canceled until further notice. A few IVCE courses will be held in May with small numbers of students in each class. Students can access our services and staff through email. The IVCE switchboard is accepting calls at 641-752-4645, but most staff are not yet working on campus at this time. Thank you for your continued understanding and support!

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Welding skills are widely used in manufacturing, agriculture, and technical careers. At home, welding remains a popular leisure activity for its artistic possibilities as well as conventional repairs. Iowa Valley Continuing Education offers a range of welding courses that begin with basic techniques all the way to professional welder certification.

Customized welding training is available for business and industry on a round-the-clock basis for all shifts and can include welder qualification. Welder qualification testing includes AWS D1.1, ASME. Section IX and API 1104. 

Short-term preparation courses are offered at varying times for non-credit including:

Welding Basics
Welding for Garden Art
Beginning & Advanced TIG Welding
Career Pipe Welding
Welding for Maintenance & Repair with a focus on Agriculture

Short-term preparation students may choose to enter the workforce or further their education in the Marshalltown Community College (MCC) Diploma program.

The Manufacturing Welding program at MCC has been approved by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a Level I (entry level) SENSE Program. SENSE, stands for Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education is a nationally recognized certification. It prepares students in the daytime for gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, flux cored arc welding, tig, and gas tungsten arc welding techniques.   Students passing the AWS certification will be entered into a nationwide data base. This certification will allow employers to hire welders from the program who have met these national standards. Also, students wishing to further their training can attend any AWS SENSE approved school across the nation without having to repeat their training.  

Iowa Valley’s State of the Art Welding Facility and Highly Skilled and Certified Instructors

IVCE operates a 3,600 sq. ft., 24-station welding lab, with student technology classrooms and computer labs, as part of the $2.15 million Business and Technology Center at 102 College Drive on the MCC/Iowa Valley campus in Marshalltown. The 12,200 sq. ft. building includes specialty air handling and exhaust systems in the welding lab for safety. The Iowa Valley/Marshalltown Community College welding program is helping students take their next step to a successful career, and ensuring a skilled workforce is available in the Central Iowa industrial community.

We have trainers who are AWS certified welders, educators, and certified weld inspectors (CWI). They can train and test students to qualify for various procedures for all types of welding. The Iowa Valley Community College District welding program is helping students take their next step to a successful career, and ensuring a skilled workforce is available in the Central Iowa industrial community.


To learn more about the SENSE standards go to

Credit welding training is available at

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