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Iowa Valley Adventures Challenge Course

Our mission is to foster leadership development, teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, and personal growth. This is accomplished through challenges of the mind, body and spirit.

What is Iowa Valley Adventures Challenge Course?

It’s a tower and ropes structures – and so much more!

  • “Challenge by choice” curriculum – each person determines his or her level of participation.
  • An opportunity for discovery of individual and team strengths.
  • An experiential learning facility based on the philosophy of adventure education.
  • Customized program to meet your business and organizational needs.

It is a learning environment where tangible, transferable leadership and team skills are acquired.

It is a “challenge by choice” curriculum that includes ground level team initiatives as well as high ropes initiatives. The ground level team initiatives can be held inside, outside, here at Iowa Valley, at your business, or at a conference site. Teams that have worked on their teambuilding skills can participate in the high ropes and climbing initiatives.

It is a course unlike any other in existence in Iowa.

Iowa Valley Adventures Challenge Course is located on the Iowa Valley campus, 3702 S. Center St., in Marshalltown, Iowa. It is handicap-accessible for people ages 8 and older and for those with special needs. This is a team challenge, not a physical challenge.

How can your group use the Challenge Course?

  • Business retreats
  • Staff trainings
  • Youth workshops
  • Group orientation
  • Special events

Who can use the Challenge Course?

  • Youth Groups
  • Athletic Teams
  • Faith Groups
  • Business Owners
  • Supervisors and Staff Members
  • Executive Teams
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Service Organizations
  • Families

Iowa Valley Adventures serves the training and programming needs of many diverse groups. Full-day and half-day programs are available for groups of any size.

Tower Specifications

Curious about the tower? Here’s what it’s all about:

A 50-foot high pole and rope tower on a 30’x30’ triangular base. Each leg is secured to the ground by screw anchors and guy wires. Hardware that supports belay cables has a tensile strength of at least 11,500 pounds. Participants on the Giant Swing are on belay cables (attached to a horizontal lifeline made of flexible wire rope) at all times. Participants who are climbing are attached to a team member with another team member ensuring their safety at all times. Approved safety seat harnesses and helmets are worn by every participant.

A monthly tower inspection is conducted as part of IVCE’s staff responsibility. A structural inspection is conducted annually, with a comprehensive inspection every three years by the course builders. The challenge course is engineered for safety. Its builder is certified by the Association of Challenge Course Technology.

About the Facilitators

All Iowa Valley Adventures Challenge Course participants are under the direction of our trained facilitators, who will customize the experience based on the needs of each group. The facilitators work in teams of two or more, and they are present for each training session. During the tower climbing, the facilitator-to-participant ratio is 1:6.

Our facilitators have direct experience working with groups. All of the facilitators are trained in CPR and First Aid, and have exhibited sound judgment in their professional and volunteer experiences.

Facilitators are skilled in giving directions, listening and observing, fostering teamwork and enthusiasm, monitoring the safety and well-being of participants, minimizing risk, making decisions to fulfill the learning goals of the client in keeping with ethical practices and the program philosophy, and conducting programs that are socially and culturally appropriate.

Contact Val Ruff at 641-844-5614 to schedule your program today!


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