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IGNITE program for empowering youth.

IGNITE empowers youth to realize and appreciate their self-worth while developing critical thinking and resiliency skills. We make youth mentally strong. We believe that it is not enough to tell someone that they are smart, or amazing, or that they are going to be okay. We have conversations and teach the skills that empower youth to make those realizations about themselves. When we empower youth to embrace their strengths and values, to think critically about themselves and the world around them, and give them the power to be in control of their thoughts and reactions, then we are doing more than just telling youth that they are strong. We are helping youth realize their own strength and resiliency. That realization coming from within is so powerful – the youth who complete this program don’t just think they are strong and resilient, they believe it.

IGNITE is aimed to make youth stronger. We achieve this by helping youth to:

  • Become self-aware
  • Think critically and make healthy decisions for themselves
  • Participate in healthy relationships
  • Think rationally so that things stay in perspective
  • Be in control of their reactions
  • Manage stress
  • Be mindful of what is going on around them
  • Find a way to express themselves
  • Be healthy both physically and mentally

Contact IVCE for upcoming dates.

  • Building Resiliency: Building Resiliency is an art-based program focusing on topics that develop a healthy self-awareness and critical thinking skills that will help to install confidence and the skills necessary to move past self-doubt and negative self-talk.

  • Inner Ninjas: Getting to know who you are and becoming comfortable with it is at the core of this fun, interactive program. Activities and discussions will guide your young ninja to think about and identify what their interests and strengths are, what their values are, and what is important and meaningful to them. They will discover that they have things in common with other group members which will lead to a sense of belonging and community which will strengthen their sense of self. Discussions consist of why boys are less likely to discuss their feelings and why that isn’t healthy. The boys will learn how to identify what they are feeling and the thought pattern that goes along with it. We will discuss how to use self-talk and strategies for dealing with strong emotions such as stress, anxiety, and anger.

  • Unstoppable: Unstoppable reinforces and expands on the concepts taught in Inner Ninja. We will focus on communication and healthy relationships – a healthy relationship with one’s self and healthy relationships with others. Activities are designed to build cohesion and a sense of community. Discussion and activities teach problem solving skills, as well as strategies and tools to deal with frustration, stress, anxiety, and anger. Discussions include the pressures put on males and the boys are challenged to take a stand and change these expectations. Boys will learn healthy decision making skills, how to participate in a healthy relationship, and how to deal with strong emotions.

  • Fireworks – Celebrating Me: Is it time for your girl to start celebrating their individuality and begin developing a strong sense of self? This is the program for you. Through discussions, activities, and crafts, girls will identify their interests and gain insight into what values matter to them. The program is designed to build self-awareness, confidence, and healthy decision making skills.

  • Fireworks – Focus Friendship: Fireworks – Focus Friendship will teach girls about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Through meaningful discussions, crafts, and activities, girls will learn how to participate in a healthy friendship and how to handle some tough social situations. The program aims to build connection, social skills, and a sense of self. Learning about healthy versus unhealthy relationships at a young age is beneficial as it is these first friendships that set the stage for how one acts in future relationships. Although we don’t realize it at the time, this young age is when we learn how to treat others and start to decide what we will expect and accept in our future relationships.

  • Enough: Here to teach young women that they are ‘Enough’! This program is designed to bring girls to the realization that they are strong, capable, beautiful, and resilient. Through both individual and group activities, as well as discussions, girls will identify their strengths and interests, develop a healthy body image, recognize their worth, and create decision making/problem solving strategies for themselves.

Phone Registration contact Rachael Koehler at 641-844-5616.

This program brought to you by Ignite Wellness Programs


Rachael Koehler

Rachael Koehler

Rachael joined Iowa Valley in February of 2012. She received her MBA in Business Management from Upper Iowa University. Prior to working at ...

Rachael joined Iowa Valley in February of 2012. She received her MBA in Business Management from Upper Iowa University. Prior to working at Iowa Valley, Rachael was employed in the business office of health care organizations for six years. She enjoys spending time with children as often as possible.

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