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  • Please complete and submit this form by April 14, 2023. List the session(s) dates that you are available and specify the topic(s) you would like to teach. The sessions will run from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, with a drink and a snack provided. Each one-day session will provide the same number of hours and instruction time that the week-long sessions provided in previous years. You may choose to teach the same topic sessions on one or two different dates throughout the summer. Be sure to indicate if students should possess a preferred ability (such as a higher level of math proficiency). Please include a brief description of each course and indicate if you have a grade level preference (only grades 4-6 only grades 7-8 or no preference). Instructors will receive up to $50 stipend for supplies and compensation for their time! Instructors will earn $260 per class taught (which equals $40 per hour).
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