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Resources Available for In-Demand Career Training

If you want to take a class,  we have the resources to help make it possible! Don’t let barriers stand in the way of your success.


We are here to help you succeed on your terms. We can offer financial assistance for books and supplies, but we can also offer transportation assistance so you can get to and from class. If you struggle with food insecurity, we can assist with basic needs. These are just a few examples of the services we can help with – but we want you to know that if you want to learn the skills for a rewarding career, we can help make training possible.


When you’ve completed your program, we have the resources to help you transition to the next level. We have programs that can help with resume writing, interview skills, career placement, and more. These resources will help you succeed long after your classes end.

All of our resources are completely free (if you qualify). You’re not alone on your journey – let us help you succeed on your terms.


Certain limits may apply, and resources available as eligibility and funding allows. Questions? Reach out to Ashley Patlan in Marshalltown or Grinnell, or Jessica Lara in Iowa Falls.