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The Pathways for Academic Career Employment (PACE) program provides a Pathway Navigator to assist participants on their educational journey. The Pathway Navigator will work with participants to identify barriers to success and will work with participants to minimize those barriers by connecting the students to the appropriate community resources. The Pathway Navigator will also work with individuals to access available funding to assist with the cost of education.

PACE can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Financial support
  • Educational support
  • Personal support
  • Career support


Middle-skill jobs continue to represent close to half of Iowa’s employment and encompass a wide range of occupations from medical assisting, dental assistant, and paralegals.

Middle-skill job opportunities can be found in all of Iowa’s industries from construction and manufacturing to finance & health care. In Iowa, they account for 50 percent of the jobs in the labor market, and many of them offer high pay with benefits. These jobs require more than a high school diploma, but not a four-year degree. Specifically, individuals who fill these jobs should have an associate’s degree, a certification, or an apprenticeship.

How Do I Qualify?

This program is designed for those who are pursuing a middle-skills program of study and have barriers that have prevented them from pursuing or meeting their educational or employment goals. If you identify with any of the following you could be eligible!

  • Low skilled
  • Dislocated worker
  • Unemployed
  • Underemployed
  • Earning an income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level

Get Started

Apply NOW for the PACE Program: PACE Online Application Form

For more information on how you can get assistance for your training and education, contact Ashley Patlan at 641-844-5629. At Ellsworth, contact Jessica Lara at 641-648-8580.