EdVenture Gets a New Look

MARSHALLTOWN – The bi-annual class catalog known as Edventure, has gone digital. Edventure has always contained a list of classes for a 6 month time period. Instead of sending this catalog in a print format, the Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions Division has decided to send class information in a digital format.

“The print format that we used for years was no longer working to attract new students,” said Jacque Goodman, Vice President of Education and Training. “Print is expensive and time-consuming. Our research told us that people would flip through the catalog and discard it – which wasn’t helping enrollment in the classes we provided.”

She added, “The new format will help us reach the people who are most engaged with us. We will be emailing class information to the email address we have on file.”

In addition to email, Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions will rely on targeted digital marketing, social media, newspaper advertisements, and (in select cases) mail campaigns in order to get the word out about classes. If a student is interested in taking a class, they should check the website at Students can register online or by contacting Business and Community Solutions at 641-752-4645.

The change took effect July 1, 2022, and so far enrollment in classes has risen steadily. People who would like to receive emails about upcoming classes should text their email address to 22828 to get started.