Apprenticeship - FAQ

You Have Questions; We Have Answers

An apprenticeship is a big step in your career! You likely have questions about the internship experience. We answer the most frequently asked questions here.

Are there any requirements?

Each individually registered program sponsor (employer) will discuss specific requirements for eligibility. In the healthcare field, you can expect a background check. Apprentices must be at least 16 years old, completed the 10th grade, and still in school or a high school graduate.

Who pays for the cost of classroom instruction?

In most cases, Iowa Valley or your employer will pay for classroom costs. You just have to focus on learning.

What does Earn and Learn mean?

When you become a Registered Apprentice, you’ll start working – and earning – from day one! Your apprenticeship will provide hands-on learning opportunities to complement the classroom instruction. You’ll get the support you need to be successful through the apprenticeship program. Your earning potential increases as you advance through the program.

Will I earn certifications?

You will earn nationally recognized certifications!