Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions Joins Forces with Promineo Tech to Launch Affordable Tech Bootcamps

Innovative partnership aims to democratize access to tech education and empower more students to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech job market. 

MARSHALLTOWN, IA — In a landmark move to democratize tech education, Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (BCS) proudly announces its partnership with Promineo Tech to introduce a series of affordable tech boot camps. These programs are designed to provide students with critical, in-demand tech skills, creating new avenues for career advancement in the technology sector.

The boot camps, which cover areas such as web development, data engineering, and digital marketing, are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse student body. They offer flexible, part-time schedules that cater to various life stages, from recent graduates to those considering a mid-career change.

“The tech boot camps offered by Promineo Tech are a game changer,” said Becky Hassett, Director of Programming and Student Support for BCS. “These boot camps can be offered as a short-term training solution and will teach the tech skills that our local businesses are looking for.”

Promineo Tech’s boot camps are known for their hands-on, project-based approach, which ensures that students gain theoretical knowledge but, more importantly, practical skills they can bring to the current job market. “Our goal is to lower the barriers to quality tech education,” stated Nick Suwyn, President of Promineo Tech. “We leverage a flipped-classroom approach, blending pre-recorded lectures with interactive, live instruction. This method has consistently shown remarkable results in enhancing comprehension in our students. Our boot camps are priced within reach because our driving force is the empowerment of individuals, equipping them with knowledge and skills to achieve their career goals.”

The demand for skilled tech professionals continues to grow, with many sectors experiencing a talent shortage. This partnership aims to address this gap by preparing students to enter the tech workforce with confidence and expertise.

Enrollments for the upcoming boot camp cohorts at Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions are now open and accepting students who are excited about making the courageous move toward the professional future they deserve. Prospective students can learn more about the available programs and apply here.

For detailed information about our program offerings and to begin enrollment, visit:

Front-end development bootcamp:

Back-end development bootcamp:

Big data engineering bootcamp:

Digital marketing bootcamp:

About Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions

Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions offers a wide range of short-term training courses designed to address local workforce needs. Located in Marshalltown, Iowa, the college is dedicated to fostering a culture of education that is accessible, affordable, and attuned to the needs of the community it serves. With a focus on student success and community development, Iowa Valley continues to adapt and evolve to meet the changing demands of education.

About Promineo Tech 

Promineo Tech, an Education-as-a-Service provider, partners with educational institutions to offer coding bootcamps and technology training. With a mission to make tech education accessible and affordable, Promineo Tech is dedicated to empowering individuals to improve their lives through learning. By teaching essential skills for high-demand tech fields, they are shaping the future of the technology workforce.