Iowa Valley Offers OSHA Training

Education and training are important tools for informing workers and managers about workplace hazards and controls so they can work more safely and be more productive. Understanding this, Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (BCS) offers OSHA training to area businesses.

Providing Certification Training for Local Business

BCS works with several OSHA-certified trainers and can offer train on-site to businesses looking to provide training to their teams. The school also offers classes several times each year, which are often attended by employees who need to maintain OSHA certifications.

Whether they take the class offered at Iowa Valley or attend a session offered by their employer, attendees will become OSHA certified by attending this 10-hour session.

“We work hard to provide education and training opportunities that are most valuable to our area businesses,” said Morgan Frederick, Community and Workforce Education Coordinator for Business and Community Solutions. “OSHA training is a big part of that offering – we know it’s in demand by many of our local manufacturers, so we are happy we can fill this need in our community.”

Improve Productivity

OSHA training is intended to improve overall workplace safety and productivity. Education and training provide employers, managers, supervisors, and workers with the knowledge and skills needed to do their work safely and avoid creating hazards that could place themselves or others at risk. It also improves awareness and understanding of workplace hazards and how to identify, report, and control them.

“Few people look forward to OSHA certification training, but our instructor is dynamic and engaging, making every class fun and rewarding,” said Frederick. “We are fortunate to be able to offer this course with the quality instructors we work with.”

If your company or business would like to inquire about upcoming OSHA training opportunities, or would like to schedule an on-site session, they should reach out to Morgan Frederick with Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions at 641-844-5616, or via email at