IVCE Nursing Instructor Recognized with The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award recognizes an outstanding patient card exhibited by a nurse. Diane Roum, nurse and CPR Instructor for Iowa Valley Continuing Education, was recently honored with this internationally-recognized award.

Nurses may be nominated by anyone in the organization – patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians, and staff – anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse. In Roum’s case, she was recognized by a patient’s family for going above and beyond the call of duty in the Neurology unit at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.

In part, the nomination reads, “Diane is a very caring and compassionate educator for the PCT’s. She used my husband as a teaching tool on how to properly hold his head and neck while the pads on the Aspen collar are changed out.”

The nomination continues, “Diane sets the bar high and is truly passionate about her work, her patients, her coworkers. All staff members are recognized for their importance and contributions [when Diane is on duty].”

“We are truly fortunate to have Diane on our teaching team at Iowa Valley. Her passion for nursing is evident in every class, with every student,” said Morgan Frederick, Community and Workforce Education Coordinator for Iowa Valley Continuing Education. “Even after long days, she is excited to be in a teaching role and sharing her vast knowledge and experience with our students, whether they be here on campus or off-campus in area businesses and industries. We’re delighted that she received this well-deserved recognition.”

“In addition to teaching, she has taken on special projects that have a big impact on our campus communities,” said Jon Nunez, Director of Programming and Operations for Iowa Valley Continuing Education. “Diane took the initiative to inspect all AEDs and created a list of supplies to be ordered to make sure all were in working order to keep students and visitors safe. Her leadership makes her a valuable asset to the Iowa Valley team!”

Diane Roum teaches CPR and First Aid for Iowa Valley Continuing Education. She has been an instructor for 10 years, in addition to working as a nurse at the Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.