‘Kids in College’ Summer Camp Ended in 2024

Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (BCS) announces that the popular Kids in College summer camp will not be held in 2024. The program, designed for students entering grades 4-8, offered a unique opportunity for young learners to explore diverse interests in a college setting.

BCS prioritizes community investment and youth development. However, after careful consideration, the decision was made to focus resources on supporting existing youth camps in the area, rather than hosting their own on campus.

“We understand the disappointment this may cause for participating families,” said Becky Hassett, Director of Programming and Student Support at BCS. “The Kids in College program has been a rewarding experience for students and staff alike. This year, we choose to direct our efforts towards collaborating with other organizations offering diverse and engaging summer camp options for youth.”

This summer, BCS will contribute in-kind support and resources to various community youth camps, ensuring continued access to enriching summer activities for local students. Additionally, BCS remains dedicated to offering professional development opportunities for its employees, investing in their growth, and enhancing their ability to serve the community effectively.

About Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions

Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (BCS) is the workforce and community outreach division of the Iowa Valley Community College District. BCS provides business and professional development, continuing education, and various community services for residents throughout the region.