Latimer Associates, Inc. Provides Training Opportunities to Employees

GRINNELL – Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. When you lead high-performance teams, that include design and manufacturing, it’s imperative to drive innovation to enhance the customer experience. This process is aided by ongoing training and development.

Latimer Associates, Inc. is a creative architectural signage company that collaborates with businesses, contractors, and architects to plan, design, and build high-quality signage that enhances experiences and brands through a committed approach to customer satisfaction.

Michael Mc Keag, President and CEO of Latimer Associates, Inc., believes in continuous learning and development as a competitive advantage. He looks for ways to develop his teams by providing courses in leadership, spatial & environmental design, workflow process, as well as industry-specific courses. When looking for comprehensive training opportunities for his Grinnell-based business, Michael turned to Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions. The team at BCS took the time to understand their challenges and connect him with training resources.

“These educational & training activities have enabled our people to become more creative and non-conformist in their approach,” said Mc Keag. “Our employees enjoy the opportunity to personally and professionally grow their knowledge base. Over time, we have taken advantage of new jobs training, re-training agreements, and extensive group and individual leadership development.”

Latimer Associates, Inc. has a longstanding relationship with Iowa Valley, and most recently provided leadership development opportunities to existing employees through the 260F program, administered through Iowa Valley. The 260F grants are designed to provide training funds for Iowa businesses looking to upskill their existing workforce.

“It’s exciting to go beyond skills training and really dive into leadership topics with the team at ASI and Latimer Associates, Inc.,” said Val Ruff, Business Outreach Coordinator with Iowa Valley. “It’s inspiring to be able to work so closely with someone that is so passionate about learning and development. We have the opportunity to address their needs and provide training programs that will help take them to the next level.”

About 260F programs:


This training program helps Iowa businesses fund customized training for current employees.  The program is designed to foster the growth and competitiveness of Iowa’s business and industry by ensuring that Iowa’s workforce has the skills and expertise to compete with any workforce outside the state of Iowa. The grant covers basic adult education, job-related instruction (or on-the-job training), skills assessments, testing and evaluation of employees, and travel reimbursement.

To learn more about 260E and 260F programs, visit the Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions website at