Learn to Dance with Upcoming Classes

MARSHALLTOWN – If you have always wanted to learn to dance, you have an upcoming opportunity! Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions (formerly Continuing Education) is offering individual and partner dance classes, beginning October 23. Classes are offered on a weekly basis, every Sunday afternoon. Individual classes include:

Rock Swing – Swing is a fun dance with many timings and styles. They’re all great! The swing students will be learning is Rock Swing. It has a one-step pattern and is easier than either the double or triple-time swing. By minimizing the footwork, students can quickly get into the twirls. This is a beginning-level course.

Waltz – Waltz is timeless, romantic, and special. The box is used in other dances.  And, its universal, ¾ timing, is found in all genres of music. If students already dance, they will really enjoy this class. Instruction is intermediate level.

Salsa – Salsa is a dance that has a great mixture of styles, patterns, and timings. This class will be adding onto the Mambo pattern, timing, and style: quick, quick, slow. We’ll start with new material:  the back-spot turn to Latin crosses. You’ll either need to know your basics or already dance, to do this class. Note: As with all dances, Salsa is very versatile and works great with many styles of music. Not only will students dance to Salsa music, but they’ll also be dancing this material to other fun, upbeat music as well. Instruction is Intermediate level.

Country Sway – The Blue Rose and Country Sway are partner dances that have a wonderful sequence & travel around the room. They come from the country genre.  However, they can, and should, be done to all styles of music. Note: If students don’t have a dance partner, they could do this class and learn the sequence.

To learn more about upcoming dance classes or other programs, visit the Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions website at and search “Community” in the header. Participants can also register by calling 641-752-4645, or register for events in person at 3702 S. Center St. Marshalltown.