Programs Facilitate Skills Training for In-Demand Career Paths

There are two programs aimed at improving skills training opportunities for non-credit students. These grants use funds set aside by the state of Iowa and are facilitated by Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions, the non-credit arm of the Iowa Valley Community College District. The GEER grant has been awarded since June 2021 and has helped 111 students achieve short-term training. Of the GEER grant recipients, 92 have received healthcare training (including Nurse Aide and EMT certifications). Eight students have received welding training, eight studied Utility Fundamentals. The remaining students leveraged grant money for CDL and water treatment classes.

The GAP grant has been around for more than five years at Iowa Valley Community College and has helped 240 students attend short-term training courses over the last five years. Both Gap and GEER grants are aimed at providing skills training in in-demand fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and bio-life sciences.

About GAP Funding

GAP Tuition Assistance provides funding to eligible applicants enrolling in a GAP-approved certificate program in occupations including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and transportation. The GAP Tuition Assistance program enables individuals to gain the necessary skills to obtain a job in an in-demand field. Non-credit certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid, but this program bridges the funding gap for those students pursuing short-term certificates. GAP funding covers direct training costs including tuition, books, required fees, and equipment for GAP-approved classes.

About GEER Funding

GEER II is a grant program in the state of Iowa, designed to give a hand up to people looking to earn short-term credentials for in-demand careers. GEER funding can be used for tuition, program supplies and equipment, and certification and testing.

If students would like to learn more, they should reach out to Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions, or by viewing the BCS website at