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A new cyber-attack seems to make news every week. With malware attacks targeting the energy sector, food production, infrastructure, education and more, no business or industry seems safe. Attacks seem…

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The Future of Manufacturing

When you think about manufacturing, you may have images of dusty floors and labor-intensive conditions. If that is your image, it’s time to take another look. Today’s manufacturing centers are…

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Meet the Housing Directors

You are taking a big step in your future and attending college. You have also decided to have the WHOLE experience and live on campus. The teams at Marshalltown Community…

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9 Apps to Improve Your Memory


How much time do you spend each day playing on your phone? Between social media, shopping, and games, Americans average 5-6 hours on their phones each day. While all of this…

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Networking Events: Make Them Count

You have heard the adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in relation to your job search. While what you know IS important (after all, you’ve just worked hard to earn…

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