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STEM Camp – Course Descriptions

Not sure which session to sign up for? Check out these course descriptions for class information:

  • Print Your Passions

    3D Printing Do you have a design in your mind that you’d like to see come to life? From decoration to practical, 3D printing may be able to help you realize your ideas. Have a favorite board game that you’d like a unique or replacement piece for? Maybe you’d like a phone holder that passively amplifies your speaker? Want to make some custom figurines? In this class, you will learn how additive manufacturing works and some design considerations for 3D printing, use a program to create a virtual model of the object you’d like to have built, and then your printed piece will be made for you to keep.

    Who: Students entering 6-12th grade

    When: Morning and Afternoon sessions

  • Owl Pellet Dissection at Calkins Nature Area

    Join Ms. EmiLee in investigating Iowa owls at Calkins Nature Area! Participants will get to meet with a few owl species found here in Iowa. They will also learn how owls digest and regurgitate their food, forming a pellet. Once students have a basic understanding of how owl pellets are formed, they will have the opportunity to dissect a pellet! This allows us to investigate what the owl ate using a key to identify the bones students have found.

    Who: Students entering 3rd – 12th grades

    When: Morning and Afternoon sessions

  • Fun with Chemistry

    Explore chemistry through hands-on exploration and exciting demonstrations in a safe and supervised environment. In this class, students study the chemical properties of common household materials. Topics covered include density, properties of acids and bases, synthesis and study of polymers, and chemistry of sugar.

    Who: Students entering 3rd – 5th grades

    When: Morning Session

  • Exploring Chemistry

    Explore the subject of chemistry through hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations. In this class, students will study topics related to chemical change through a series of experiments. Topics covered include types of chemical reactions, factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions, and reaction stoichiometry. Students entering the 6th grade and older are welcome.

    Who: Students entering 6th – 12th grades

    When: Afternoon session

  • Sticker Design

    This session is perfect for young artists and illustrators who want to learn how to make DIY stickers at home and how to create stickers digitally. Students will gain skills and knowledge to turn designs and ideas into stickers, along with walking out of the session with their own illustrated sticker designs.

    Who: Students entering 3rd – 12th grade

    When: Afternoon session

  • T-Shirt Design (morning session)

    This session is for designers who want to learn how to make their own stencils to create T-Shirt Designs. Students will gain an understanding of turning designs and ideas into positive/negative spaced stencils. Various materials will be explored and utilized in this session for students’ creations.

    Who: Students entering 6th – 12th grade

    When: Morning session

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