Iowa Valley Business & Community Solutions Offers Driver Improvement and Driving Unimpaired Courses

Safeguard Your License and Stay on the Road

Iowa Valley Business & Community Solutions is your trusted partner for driver improvement education in the Marshalltown and Iowa Falls areas. Whether you’re facing consequences for a DUI/OWI or seeking to refine your driving habits, we offer two vital courses to help you regain confidence, meet legal requirements, and stay safe on the road.

Driving Unimpaired:

  • Fulfills state requirements for DUI/OWI offenders: This 12-hour Prime for Life program meets the mandated curriculum for individuals charged with operating under the influence in Iowa or another state.
  • Gain insight and make positive changes: The course helps you understand the reasons behind your actions and equips you with tools to prevent future DUI/OWI incidents.
  • Convenient locations and language options: Classes are offered in both Marshalltown and Iowa Falls, with a dedicated Spanish-language session available in Marshalltown.

Driver Improvement Program (DIP):

  • Improve your driving habits and avoid license suspension: This program is designed for drivers with three moving violations within a year, serious traffic offenses, or those referred by a hearing officer.
  • Focus on attitude and behavior, not just skills: DIP goes beyond driving mechanics to address the underlying factors that contribute to unsafe driving, such as emotions, decision-making, and bad habits.
  • Make a positive difference: Gain valuable self-awareness and develop strategies to enhance your driving and ensure a safer future on the road.

Don’t risk losing your license or putting yourself and others at harm. Choose Iowa Valley Business & Community Solutions for your driver improvement needs. Enroll in a Driving Unimpaired or DIP course today!

For more information and registration details, please visit our website at  or call us at 641-752-4645.