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Sometimes the promotion you want is just a class away. Iowa Valley Business and Community Solutions offers courses in several areas designed to help working professionals, including:

  • Leadership and Customer Service Training – Designed for new managers and supervisors, the leadership and customer service training is designed to teach the tools needed to meet organizational goals while developing employees’ potential.
  • Personality Profiling – Personality profiling provides individuals with a better understanding of themselves and others. Learn to recognize strengths and limitations, build rapport, and communicate with others for better understanding. Identify how others process information differently from you and how you can build a high-functioning team.
  • Job Success – This course is designed to enhance communication skills vital to success at work. This addresses the specific needs of today’s line and staff support employees – new hires as well as established employees that are fundamental, interpersonal skills widely recognized as necessary in most entry-level jobs and beyond. This addresses issues such as appropriate dress, regular attendance, presentation skills, work ethic, balancing home and work, teamwork, adapting to change, communication skills, and problem-solving.

Each of these programs is designed to be taken on an individual basis.

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Jacque Goodman

Jacque Goodman

Department : Administration


Jon Nunez Garcia

Jon Nunez Garcia

Department : Administration


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