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Medication Aide/Medication Manager

Medication Aide class

Medication Aide

This course includes 46-48 class hours and 10-20 clinical hours. The purpose is to prepare individuals to safely administer non-parenteral medications in agencies/facilities licensed by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. Classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences assist in achieving course competencies. Offered in Grinnell and Marshalltown.


Drug-free and working in an agency/facility licensed by DIA (long-term care, assisted living programs, residential care facilities, intermediate care facilities (ICFs), ICFs for the intellectually disabled, psychiatric medical institutions (PMIs), and PMIs for children).


  • If employed in a certified nursing facility, applicants must be employed for at least six months by the facility sponsor, be eligible on the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry, and provide a recommendation from the facility administrator.
  • If employed in a residential agency, applicants must provide a recommendation from the facility administrator.
  • All participants must satisfactorily complete the Prepare to Care module prior to taking the Medication Aide course.

Upon enrollment, students must identify the RN who will supervise the validation of competencies in the clinical area. Successful completion of the course will be determined by unit exams, demonstration of skills competency as documented by the skills checklist, and successful completion of the clinical portion with written documentation by the RN assigned to supervise the clinical at the worksite. Following completion of the class and clinical components, students must satisfactorily complete a state final written exam (80% competency), then a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Medication Manager

This 12-hour course prepares you to safely administer or supervise self-administration of non-parenteral medications in a 15 bed or less residential program, child care program, supervised apartment living, or community-based living. Approved by the State of Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners, Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, and Iowa Department of Human Services. Offered in Grinnell, Iowa Falls, and Marshalltown.

Additional information for employers and students

  • Employers will have a supply of Medication Manager books so employees can read units one and two and learn the medical terms in the glossary prior to first class.
  • Students will have additional reading assignments for each class. 100% attendance and a score of 80% or above on the final exam are required to obtain the certificate of completion.
  • If a student misses a class he/she is not allowed to continue.
  • No refunds will be granted for absent students or those who do not pass. Students who are absent or do not pass the final will need to be enrolled in and pay for the next Medication Manager class.
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